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Poppy Bank Epicenter & Victory House

Jenny Ogston and Wes Skelton from Victory House and Poppy Bank Epicenter are in studio with Harry Duke today on Brew Ha Ha. They are also expecting a phone call from Herlinda Heras who is in Krakow, Poland, where she is judging a big beer competition.

Jenny Ogston is the GM of Poppy Bank Epicenter and Wes Skelton is the front-of-house food and beverage manager of Victory House. Poppy Bank Epicenter has several areas devoted to different kinds of sports and recreation. There are all these different attractions: Sports City, an entertainment arcade with bowling, pool and darts; Victory House, AnyTime Fitness and Sky Zone, a trampoline park. Victory House is a restaurant and sports bar full of big screens with a great menu of food and beverages. Wes describes Victory House as a giant sports bar.

Tamarind Mango Mule

They taste a cocktail that Wes invented, called Tamarind Mango Mule. It has Tamarind vodka, fresh lime juice, mango purée and ginger beer. There are at least 24 beers on tap there too. They have Modelo, Third Street Aleworks, Parliament, Hen House, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas and many more.

Herlinda Heras calls in from Krakow, Poland. She is judging the national beer competition there along with other judges from many other countries. She will bring some Polish beers back to Santa Rosa. Herlinda will also have some guests from Poland on the show in the near future.

The Victory House opens at 6:30 am for the World Cup final games this weekend. They have lots of NFL games on the big screens. Generally, the 49ers take priority when they are playing, but there are other teams that have followings too.

New Year’s Eve

Poppy Bank Epicenter has a New Year’s Eve Family Party, which is a great place to bring the family, so the grown-ups can have a nice time together while the children are busy playing games. They do the balloon drop at 9pm west coast time, for the benefit of the families.

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