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Zane Lamprey talks about Three Sheets and more

Zane Lamprey joins Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras on Brew Ha Ha this week. He is a writer and performer who has done shows about drinking culture around the world and in the US, as well as other subjects. He also runs a company that produces outdoor gear, called Adv3nture.

Mark Carpenter is back this week. He has been traveling for two months, mainly in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. He went to the world’s oldest winery located in a cave in Armenia and has come back with lots of travel stories to tell.

Zane Lamprey tells the story of how he was called to audition for the show that ended up becoming Three Sheets, a show where he talks about drinking customs with his guests.

fog belt brewing(The term Three Sheets is a reference to an old American expression for being drunk, “three sheets to the wind” in which sheets means sails on a sailboat, as if someone has drunk enough to be “sailing on the high seas” under the full power of three sails. This expression was first documented in H.L. Mencken’s The American Language.)

He is launching his first collaboration beer with Fog Belt Brewing.  It is a benefit for charity, for every four-pack that they produce they will plant a tree, through Green Forest Work. They take areas of Appalachia which have been strip-mined, and plant trees to help the land recover. At Fog Belt, they name all of their beers after trees.

Fog Belt Brewing Co. is located in Santa Rosa Vintner’s Square, close to D’Argenzio Winery.


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