moonlight brewing

Moonlight Brewing and Comet Corn

Brian Hunt from Moonlight Brewing joins Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras today. Also with us are Sherry and Jeff Soleski makers of Comet Corn. Steve introduces Mark Carpenter who was for a long time the brewmaster for Anchor Brewing. He describes the history of Anchor Steam Beer, whose name comes from a nickname for the beer which was on draught and highly carbonated. Herlinda Heras introduces Sherry and Jeff Soleski, makers of Comet Corn including the famous Hippie Dust flavor that you see at all the taprooms and music festivals. Jeff tells about why and how they started back in 2002. They agree you could pair a porter or a stout with the Maple Syrup flavored popcorn. Mark Carpenter introduces Brian Hunt who worked for Schlitz in Milwaukee before starting Moonlight Brewing. Stroh’s then bought Schlitz. Steve remembers their label that said […]

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shady oak barrel house

Shady Oak Barrel House

Steve Doty from Shady Oak Barrel House is our main guest today on Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon and Mark Carpenter. Their website proclaims “Sour and Wild Artisinal Ales.” Bob Brewer, the former Anchor Brewing sales guy, is also in.  Mark has known Bob for a long time, even before he worked at the brewery. Mark tells about how at Anchor, they were having trouble selling beer in New York. Fritz asked him and Bob to go to New York City and went from bar to bar making relationships. He says it is a huge accident that with a name like Brewer, he got into the beer business. Once when he worked for the Renaissance Faire, they asked him to put the beer concession booths together. He learned a lot about beer and met Fritz Maytag, who was personally delivering Anchor Steam beer. This […]

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sam holloway

Sam Holloway with Steve Waters plus Chinese Rice Wine

Herlinda Heras is in today with Sam Holloway, a Portland, Oregon based brewing business consultant, and Steve Waters, owner of Backwoods Brewery in Carson, Washington. Mark Carpenter is away this week. Herlinda is just back from China and she brought some rice wine back, which she says is not like Sake, the Japanese product. Sake is brewed like beer with Koji, their type of yeast. They talk about Wilibees in Santa Rosa and Petaluma that always has a great selection of beers. Herlinda mentions Revision Brewing, voted the #3 new brewery in the US and #1 in Nevada, and that Wilibees always has some of their product in stock. Sam Holloway & Steve Waters Herlinda Heras has brought Sam Holloway today. He is based in Portland, Oregon and has come for the California Craft Brewers Conference. His company is called Crafting A Strategy dot com. They […]

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herlinda heras china

Herlinda Heras Back from China

Herlinda Heras is back from China and will tell us about her recent trip to theCraft Beer China 2018 Exposition in Shanghai. Pete Foppiano is sitting in for Steve Jaxon today, who has the day off. Mark starts by telling about the fantastic success of the Sierra Nevada Brewing initiative that Ken Grossman started. Because of the fires, Sierra Nevada set up a program for other breweries to make a certain beer, and all its profits would go to supporting those affected by the fires. Over 1000 breweries worldwide have joined in and will contribute. Herlinda says it’s a good example of how beer can bring world peace. The China Brewers Association asked Herlinda to co-host the first Awards, last week. Snow Brewery, a Chinese state company, is the largest brewery in the world, it was a major sponsor. AB Inbev also sent their executive […]

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jeremy marshall

Jeremy Marshall from Lagunitas

Jeremy Marshall from Lagunitas is back on Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon and Mark Carpenter today. (This is part 2 of the show recorded last week, since there is no new show for today’s date, Thanksgiving Day.) Mark begins with a Lagunitas beer called Sparkling Swan, made with Concord grapes and some wine grapes typical of Sonoma County, like Petit Syrah. This beer is slightly sour. The beer has purple-pinkish foam and is 6.5% alcohol. Jeremy’s title is Brewmaster. He shares that one of his colleagues changed that to Brewmonster. He says now he also does some marketing activity, such as today’s show. He loves those aspects of his job and he makes sure that some others can do the routine jobs of brewmaster.They also mention that Ron Lindenbush has acquired the site of the original Mendocino Brewing Company in Hopland. Red Tail […]

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sierra nevada brewing

Sierra Nevada Brewing’s Ken Grossman on fire relief

Sierra Nevada Brewing’s founder Ken Grossman is our first guest today, on the telephone, with news about fund raising efforts for those affected by the Camp Fire near Chico, California, home of Sierra Nevada.  (Then Jeremy Marshall from Lagunitas is back on Brew Ha Ha and his interview will run as the next podcast episode, for Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day.) Ken Grossman calls in to tell Steve Jaxon and Mark Carpenter about fire relief in the area near the Camp Fire, which burned very close to Chico, California, home of his Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. First Ken gives some background on Sierra Nevada Brewing, which he started in 1978. Mark says it is one of the most beautiful breweries he has ever seen, it is so nicely designed and engineered. He says that it is an impressive view to see all the tanks in […]

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kim sturdevant

Kim Sturdevant from Social Kitchen and Brewery

Kim Sturdevant from San Francisco’s Social Kitchen and Brewery is our guest on Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon and Mark Carpenter. Herlinda Heras is traveling again this week and will call the studio from Poland in a few minutes. She is one of the judges in the Polish National Beer Competition in Poznan. She will also be co-hosting a big beer festival in China later this month. She will call in from Poland in a few minutes. Kim invented the Brut IPA and Black Lager. He’s the owner of Social Kitchen and Brewery in San Francisco.Kim Sturdevant has made a Black Lager beer, which they are tasting. Mark thinks it’s delicious. It’s not heavy at all, a very nice light beer. Mark says he’s innovative and is doing a lot of cool stuff. Kim started brewing at Marin Brewing Company in October 2006. He […]

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home brew chef

Home Brew Chef Sean Paxton

On today’s show, Home Brew Chef Sean Paxton is back on Brew Ha Ha, to talk about cooking with beer, with Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras. (Sean Paxton was last on Brew Ha Ha in June of 2017 and that episode is in the podcast for April 5, 2018.) At first, Steve is tasting a Bloody Mary that Sean has made, with beer. This one is using a beer from Anderson Valley made by Fal Allen. He uses Early Girl tomatoes that are locally grown, and about 9 or 10 different peppers. One of them is the Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper in the world. It is 4 or 5 times hotter than a Habañero pepper. Sean  Paxton designed this Bloody Mary to go with his hot sauce, a Nor-Cal Mole. His hot sauce brand is Eat Beer Hot Sauces. Sean and Mark both […]

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ramon tamayo

Ramon Tamayo from Anchor Brewing

Ramon Tamayo is our guest on Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon and Mark Carpenter. He holds Mark’s former job as brewmaster at Anchor Brewing in San Francisco. Mark Carpenter starts the show with a beer from Anchor and introduces Ramon Tamayo who is the current head brewer at Anchor. He says, “I picked up the baton where Mark left it.” He’s doing some very creative stuff, Mark says, such as a Brewer’s Pale Ale. Steve asks Ramon to tell how he got into brewing. He was a home brewer in college, which was necessary while he was too young to go out and buy beer. He loved the art and science and the enjoyment of the hard work. He just made beer to drink with his friends. He grew up in Petaluma. Herlinda mentions that he is part of the Tamayo family that […]

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russian river windsor

Russian River Windsor Grand Opening

Today Brew Ha Ha is live at the Russian River Brewing Company in Windsor, California, to celebrate the grand opening of their new facility. Owners Natalie and Vinnie Cilurzo and director of sales Michael Benz join Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras on the show. Michael Benz is serving some Pliny that is all of 30 seconds old, straight off the bottling line. Steve says this new place is Mark Carpenter heaven and Mark agrees. “It’s a dream come true, really!” – Vinnie Cilurzo on the new Russian River Brewing Co. location Russian River Brewing Company has just opened its big new brewery in Windsor. Mark admires that they have built the brewery to do open fermentation. He describes how most brewers use closed tanks and the beer is fermented and stored in there. Russian River Brewing Co. is one of the few who use […]

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