Home Brew Expert Panel

Today we have a home brew expert panel on Brew Ha Ha with Pete Foppiano sitting in for Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras. They have several guests, all are experts in home brewing. They are tasting some home brews which Mark says are delicious. There is a dark and a light, they are very dry, nice and thirst quenching. Scott Cradde is a co-producer of the Mendocino Home Brewers’ Festival in Ukaiah in November. (The power is out in the studio today, due to fire danger, so there is no air conditioning and no wi-fi.) There are other things to do around the event, with a farmers’ market before it in the morning and an outdoor fashion show with local boutiques, afterwards. They have a top prize “The Brewer’s Pick” gets to spend a day at Anderson Valley Brewing and brew the […]

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scott bice

Scott Bice from Redwood Hill Farms

Scott Bice from Redwood Hill Farms joins Steve Jaxon and Herlinda Heras on Brew Ha Ha today.  Redwood Hill Farms is known for its fine goat cheese and yogurt and now they are also growing hops, under the name Capracopia. Adriana Basurto works at Lagunitas and is also the Secretary for the NorCal Hop Growers Alliance. There are 15 hop growers in Sonoma County with over 10 acres planted to hops. Shone Farms (at Santa Rosa Junior College) is also planting hops. Adriana was a student in the brewing program at Santa Rosa Junior College where the faculty sponsored the opening of the Shone Farms hop field. They are putting on an event on Oct. 20 to teach about growing hops, at the 4th annual Hop Education Seminar. It is a great place to connect to brewers and learn about growing hops, including zoning […]

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Tara Nurin

Tara Nurin discusses tariffs

[The Brew Ha Ha live show of Sept. 26 is not available due to technical difficulties. This podcast episode was recorded on Oct. 3.] Tara Nurin calls in on today’s Brew Ha Ha. Tara Nurin is the Forbes magazine beer and spirits contributor, a friend and colleague of Herlinda Heras and a frequent guest on Brew Ha Ha. She speaks with Steve Jaxon and Herlinda about threatened tariffs on imported European products like beer, wine, spirits and other consumer goods. European leaders and merchants today (10-3) slammed the Trump administration’s threats to levy import tariffs on European goods. This includes French wines, cheese, whiskey, Scotch whiskey, and more. It seems that the administration is targeting unique specialty foods from Europe for 25% tarrifs. Tara and Herlinda explain that when products are unique to their place of origin, there is no substitute product for it. […]

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wet hop beer

Wet Hop Beer and Old Possum Brewery

Wet hop beer is the subject and our guests are from Old Possum Brewery, Scott Weiss from Redwood Hill Farm (where they produce great local goat cheese) and now Redwood Hill Hop Farm, and Sandro from Old Possum Brewery. Herlinda Heras and Mark Carpenter are also in today. Old Possum Tap Room and Kitchen is located in Santa Rosa (off Standish at Sutton) and have been open for a year and a half. The got started by transporting wort to local breweries. Later they decided to start producing too. They try to up-cycle whatever they can, their tasting room was built with all used equipment. Sandro is from Trieste in northeastern Italy. He worked in wine, with D’Argenzio in Sonoma County and other places. He still makes wine but he has moved into beer too. There are fresh hops in the studio, see the pictures […]

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Kim Lentjes

Kim Lentjes & Dutch Beer Academy

This episode was originally recorded on August 3, 2017. There is no new BHH episode this week due to other programming on home station KSRO. Kim Lentjes & Jeroen Hobert are our guests on Brew Ha Ha today. Kim Lentjes founded the Dutch Beer Academy in 2015 and it is still going strong. She organizes training courses for restaurant staff, tastings and Kim is also active as a judge in beer competitions. Steve first mentions that Sapporo of Japan has just bought Anchor Brewing, which was news back then in 2017, when this show was recorded live. Mark’s opinion is that it is great because today, a successful brewery will have to have its own bars, like Gordon Biersch. If Anchor wants to continue to sell in New York and Chicago, they need bars there and Sapporo can do that. There are no changes […]

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Jardesca low-alcohol spirits

Marshall Dawson is our guest on Brew Ha Ha today, with Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras all in studio. Marshall Dawson is one of the founders and owners of Jardesca low-alcohol spirits, which is located in Sonoma. With Jardesca, Marshall Dawson’s company had started a trend with lower alcohol drinks, which have nice flavor “…but you don’t have to get schnookered,” says Marshall. Jardesca makes Californian alternatives to European aperitifs. Both their white and red blends have a blend of three kinds of Californian wine with eau de vie (which is French for Grappa) some botanicals. Marshall and his business partner have both lived in England, where there is an aperitif culture, which begins daily at around 5pm. When he moved to wine country in 2006 he wanted to create something from California that was appropriate for aperitifs. He thought that if it’s […]

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brew unique

Ramon Tamayo & Mike Gilmore of Brew Unique

Brew Ha Ha today welcomes Ramon Tamayo and Mike Gilmore. Ramon Tamayo is the brewer at Russian River Brewing, working for Vinny Cilurzo. He used to work for Mark Carpenter at Anchor Brewing. Mike Gilmore is a brewer in Paris, France. He runs Brew Unique Paris, a shop in Paris where customers come for home brew classes and learn to make beer.  He grew up in the American northeast but has lived in Paris for 20 years. Mike says that there are some good new breweries in and around Paris. He has friends who organize guided tours to Belgian and French breweries. He worked for Boulder Brewery in Boulder, Colorado, starting in 1991. Two professors from CU Boulder started it in 1979. Mark Carpenter remembers that Boulder had a hazy beer, back then, called “The Ugly Beer” that they used to serve as a joke in […]

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colin from hen house

Colin from HenHouse Brewing

Colin from HenHouse Brewing Company is our guest today on Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras. We welcome our new sponsor, The Beverage People, Sonoma County’s fermentation headquarters since 1980. They invite beer geeks and home brewers alike to join their Fermenter’s Community Membership Program. It offers the best deals and high level support from their staff, store credit, discounts and a lot more. Visit beveragepeople.com for more details. They have all the materials for making beer, cider, cheese and many others. Colin points out that they will also give you a recipe for a HenHouse brew that you can make at home and then compare to their product. Colin tells about how HenHouse has grown over the last couple of years. They are tasting a new HenHouse beer called Mattress Mafia. They came up with the name this […]

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sonoma county cider

Sonoma County Cider Week & Gravenstein Apple Fair

Today on Brew Ha Ha, brewing legend Don Barkley is sitting in for Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras is also in, to celebrate Sonoma County Cider Week. Our guests are Ellen Cavalli from cider maker Tilted Shed and Derek Trowbridge from Trowbridge Cider Old World Winery. Derek Trowbridge was a winemaker first, then he learned to make cider and fell in love with it. His family has been growing apples near Sebastopol for a long time. They do barrel aged cider, as they do in some places in Spain and France. Herlinda notes that cider is more like wine than beer, in the production process. There are yeast lees at the bottom of the bottle of cider just like in certain bers. Don Barkley created Red Tail Ale and Eye of the Hawk, and he also founded the Mendocino Brewing Co. He has opened […]

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prof. charlie bamforth

Prof. Charlie Bamforth

(There is no new Brew Ha Ha show this week, due to an NFL pre-season game being broadcast on our home station KSRO, today. So here is a repeat of a show that originally ran last February, featuring the great Charlie Bamforth, professor at UC Davis.) Prof. Charlie Bamforth, an English scientist who specializes in malting and brewing, is our guest on Brew Ha Ha today with Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras. Charlie has been a professor at UC Davis since 1999, and has 40 years in the brewing industry. When he was a biochemist working on enzymes, as a post-doc student at the University of Sheffield, he found a job in his field. He has also written about the English soccer league for the English press. He is a fan of Wolverhapton Wanderers. Herlinda Heras is the coordinator of the craft […]

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