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Two Visits, first with Natalie Cilurzo then Ron Lindenbusch

pliny the younger

Natalie and Vinny Cilurzo.

Natalie Cilurzo and Ron Lindenbusch join Steve Jaxon and Herlinda Heras today on the Brew Ha Ha podcast. Natalie is co-owner of Russian River Brewing Company, with her husband Vinny Cilurzo. Ron Lindenbusch was one of the key people working with Tony Magee at Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Russian River Brewing Co. is open for take-out food and beverage service. Their 4th Street Santa Rosa Brewpub is open and they are also continuing this service at their Windsor location. Since the Coronavirus restrictions are still in place, although less strict than before. They can operate 11:30am to 7:30pm in Windsor and 11am to 8pm on 4th Street. You can visit their website then call (707) 545-BEER to place your order.

Herlinda introduces the Pliny The Elder for President 2020 beer, in cans. Natalie says this is a Pliny with a twist, it’s hoppier. They just canned it for the very first time the other day. They will release it on June 15 and they plan to have it throughout the election cycle. They sold out on line in 45 minutes and within a few hours at the brewpub. Pliny runs for President every 4 years on the Keg Party ticket. The Windsor location is open every day now.

“At this point in time, like the last few months, I’ve realized, that what I really want to do is just hang out in a bar.” -Ron Lindenbusch

ron lindenbusch

Ron Lindenbusch.

Ron Lindenbusch is back on Brew Ha Ha. He has Hopland Tap in Hopland, CA, which is a dream come true. Ron is emphatic about the imperative right now. “Listen to your health officer.┬áRead the news. Read what’s going on and do it.”

They were just able to open their beer garden last weekend. They are lucky, they have a lot of space and they can keep people 6 feet apart. People are happy to get out again and he is doing everything he can to stay safe. “It’s just a weird time.” Herlinda was there last Sunday and it was so nice to be outside and have some Frickles, fried pickle chips. There are many different beers and they will be doing music soon.

Ron is involved in the return of Red Tail Ale. “It set the tone for the whole damned thing. (…) Red Tail was first.” Wolf House Brewing in Cloverdale is brewing it. Hopland Tap is open Thursday through Sunday from 12 noon to 7pm, for now, at first. Check the Hopland Tap website for updated hours. Ron tells about how he met Tony Magee at the beginning and they had a great partnership, working for him for 25 years at Lagunitas. Steve Jaxon remembers the old Hopland Brewery and now Hopland Tap is its reincarnation. There will be some live music there as soon as possible. He has great musicians who are eager to get out and play.

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