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Bear Republic Lakeside Vaccination Clinic

Harry Duke is in for Steve Jaxon today on Brew Ha Ha. Herlinda Heras is on the phone from Bear Republic Lakeside in Rohnert Park.

Herlinda Heras has been working as a volunteer Covid-19 vaccination coordinator in Sonoma County. She is speaking to Harry Duke today from a pop-up vaccine clinic being held at Bear Republic Lakeside, where people can come and have a vaccination, get a $50 gift card and enjoy some beer and victuals at Bear Republic. Those who receive a vaccination automatically participate in a drawing for one million dollars. They were doing another vaccination clinic yesterday at Russian River Brewing Company.

The Sonoma County Medical Association has information at their website, here.

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You can also go to and put in your zip code to find a place to get a vaccination. Everyone 12 and older can get the J&J vaccine, and 18 and over can get that or the Pfizer. Everyone needs to get vaccinated, so if you still have not done it, now’s the time.

Herlinda reminds us that we are very fortunate in this country that we have vaccines available.

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