shaker and spoon

Shaker and Spoon

Our guests on Brew Ha Ha today are from Shaker and Spoon, a monthly cocktail subscription service based in Brooklyn, NY. Anna, Mike and Amy have just come from the airport after their flight from JFK. They will visit The Science of Cocktails, a show at the Exploratorium in San Francisco (which used to be held at the Palace of Fine Arts). Herlinda has brought some cocktail tools from home and they will make some cocktails today.

Herlinda’s friend Erin from Petaluma, who produces Bitter Girl Bitters, told Herlinda about Shaker and Spoon. (Erin was on Brew Ha Ha back in May of 2018.) Bitter Girl Bitters is one of their ingredient suppliers.

Shaker and Spoon is a monthly subscription box that comes with everything you need to make 12 cocktails, except for the alcohol. You can make four servings each from three different original recipes. The recipes come from several famous bartenders and mixologists.

Mike tells about how he wants to help people make amazing cocktails, such as recipes from the best bartenders in the world who work in New York and whose recipes they use. He also wants to “pull the curtain back” a little on cocktails. Anna tells that she and Mike have backgrounds in design, not as bartenders. A fine demonstration of their design sense is their “Tidy Martini” box which is for making the opposite of the dirty Martini.

The Science of Cocktails at the Exploratorium takes place Friday, February 7, from 9 to midnight (that’s tomorrow, as this show is recorded and its podcast is posted online). Cheers!

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