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Tara Nurin: A Woman’s Place Is in the Brewhouse

This episode features Tara Nurin, author of A Woman’s Place Is In the Brewhouse. It was originally recorded on November 4, 2021. The Drive has been on summer vacation and we haven’t had new Brew Ha Ha shows. This is the last repeat episode before next week when The Drive returns to live radio, Wine Country Radio 95.5 FM, Mon-Fri 3-6. The first new episode of Brew Ha Ha will be Thursday, August 24. Cheers!

tara nurin a woman's place

Tara Nurin

Tara Nurin, author of A Woman’s Place Is In The Brewhouse, joins Herlinda Heras and Harry Duke on Brew Ha Ha today. Mark Carpenter is away this week and Harry Duke is sitting in for Steve Jaxon. Tara Nurin is the Forbes magazine beer and spirits business writer. She has been working on this book for four years and she is finally on book tour!

She has a book signing event at Russian River Brewing Co. on December 16, 2021. Herlinda suggests she could do a special label beer for the occasion.  Tara describes the book, the first to document the rich history of women in brewing. The book looks at economic, political and religious factors. There are interviews with all the prominent women in the brewing business over the last several decades, such as Natalie Cilurzo, CEO of Russian River Brewing Co.

New Albion

Most people do not know the whole story about the first new ground-up craft brewery in the US after Prohibition. It was called New Albion, founded in 1976 in the town of Sonoma. There were two women who worked with the founder Jack McAuliffe, and they did the funding and the accounting. They were hard to get for interviews but Tara met one of them, Susie, and features her story in the book.

Tara Nurin will be at Russian River Brewing Co. on December 16 (2023) for a book signing of “A Woman’s Place Is In The Brewhouse: A forgotten history of alewives, brewsters, witches and CEOs.”

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