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Brews Brothers on Netflix

Gregg Schaffer is our guest today on Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon and Herlinda Heras. Gregg Schaffer and his brother Jeff are the creators of Brews Brothers, a new comedy series starring Alan Aisenberg and Mike Castle, that debuts on Netflix this coming April 10. The show is about a couple of brothers who own a craft beer taproom.  Here is all the information about the show and the official trailer, on the Netflix site. You can also check out the Brews Brothers trailer on YouTube, here.

There are 8 episodes coming out all at once, on April 10. Herlinda tells how Gregg and Jeff really are brothers who love beer and who have a long pedigree in the TV business. Gregg did research up the west coast, visiting places like Lagunitas and Anderson Valley. Jeff has been a writer on numerous successful TV shows. Brews Brothers is a funny show and they will be doing promotions in a fun way.

Gregg Schaffer joins the conversation on the phone. “I’ve been doing research all my life,” as he states his credentials for a show about beer. The show is about two estranged brothers who get together to open a brewery. Each is a different kind of beer genius. They know lots about beer and “absolutely nothing about anything else.” Gregg tells that there are plenty of goofy personalities around brewing to inspire the script, including themselves. The field is ripe for comedy. One brother, Will, loves any type of beer but is horrible with business. The other brother is the beer snob. Steve adds that he has interviewed practically everyone in brewing in northern California and speaks from experience, “they’re funny.”

The 8 episodes of the first season of Brews Brothers premiers on Netflix on Friday, April 10.

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