Frank Jacuba on Cognac

Frank Jacuba joins Harry Duke in the studio today on Brew Ha Ha, he is a cognac expert who is in today while Herlinda Heras is in France visiting the Cognac region.

Also in the studio today are Kevin McGhee and Fal Allen from Anderson Valley Brewing. They have just launched a new Pilsner beer, which is now in national distribution or the first time in their 35 year history. Turn to this other podcast episode for their entire conversation with Harry Duke about the new Anderson Valley Brewing Pilsner.

Frank Jacuba presents two samples of D’Usse cognac, a VSOP and an XO. He begins by describing the first cognac, the Vsop, and discusses its history and style. He describes one of his favorite ways of enjoying cognac, which is with thin slices of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and a bit of honey. You can even enjoy it by putting some in a glass of ginger ale. The flavor profile is complex because there is so much cognac of different ages in the blend.

The XO is a minimum of 10 years old, in a black bottle that really stands out on the shelf. There is so much character, history and soul in cognac that it can be really special.

You can enjoy cognac in many different ways. You can make a Sidecar or a Tiki drink with cognac. “A lot of people think it’s stuffy, it’s not stuffy. It’s a lot of fun. (…) Drink it how you want,” says Frank.

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