About Us

Brew Ha Ha is a live radio show and podcast all about craft beer and the people who are making great beer and big news in the brewing business. The show is produced live on Thursday afternoons at 5pm as part of The Drive on KSRO (Mon.-Fri. 3-6pm). With so many large and small craft brewers in the area, Brew Ha Ha is perfectly situated to have access to the most interesting people in the world of craft beer today.

Herlinda Heras

Herlinda HerasHerlinda Heras is one of the busiest and most well-connected people in the craft brewing world. She is the Coordinator of the Craft Beer Appreciation Certificate program at Sonoma State University, that’s when she isn’t traveling around the world attending conferences and judging in brewing competitions. She also presents “Brews News with Herlinda” on The Drive, on Thursdays before Brew Ha Ha, covering international news in the brewing business. Herlinda brings a wide range of guests to Brew Ha Ha, ranging from the most important and influential people in the brewing community all the way to some award-winning individual home brewers with great stories to tell.


Brew Ha Ha Logos

Here are small and large sizes of the Brew Ha Ha logo, for guests to download and to use when promoting their appearance on the show.

BHH logo, 1400 x 1400 pixels @ 72 pixels/inch:

BHH logo, 512 x 512 pixels @ 72 pixels/inch: