Santa Rosa Pizzeria

santa rosa pizzeria

Santa Rosa Pizzeria menu.

The co-owners of Santa Rosa Pizzeria, Peter Lopez and Ignacio Ruiz, join Steve Jaxon and Herlinda Heras on Brew Ha Ha today. Peter is a frequent guest and occasional co-host on Brew Ha Ha, here is Peter’s most recent BHH episode, from March of this year.

Peter Lopez is back with Ignacio Ruiz, aka Nacho, as co-owners of the new Santa Rosa Pizzeria. They have been open for about a month. They are active on Facebook, at this link. Nacho tells the story of how he and Peter worked together in another restaurant, then they reconnected. Peter found a location that used to be under another name. Also, Barolo’s Pizza was there for about 15 years. So the place has a pizza pedigree. In less than a month they started!

The Art of Pizza

Peter also runs Juncture Taproom and Ignacio is also the controlling partner of Art’s Place, so he is also an ideal partner for Peter. Ignacio learned pizza while working in an Italian restaurant, and he also makes pizza at Art’s Place. Art was a master and taught the art to Ignacio. Art Ibleto’s kids still control the Pasta King name, so he steers clear of things like their famous ravioli. They do have an extensive wine and beer menu.

They named all the pizzas after Santa Rosa icons, including Jerry Robinson, former Raider and All-American UCLA Bruin linebacker of yesteryear.

santa rosa pizzeria

Jerry Robinson (84) UCLA, 1978

Peter considers his place to be a family friendly taproom, with something for everyone of all ages. He wants people to feel comfortable and safe. They even have their own Charlie Brown statue. He originally named Juncture Taproom “Confluence.” Juncture is at the corner of Mission and Montgomery, close to Howard Park and Spring Lake, where Rincon Valley and Bennett Valley come together.

There is a great band called Igor and the Red Elvises plays there, they won Star Search with Ed McMahon on TV long before American Idol and The Voice. Then, they took the money, bought a van and went on tour. They still have a cult following.

Santa Rosa Pizzeria is open noon to 8 pm, and they do deliveries from 11:30 to 8:30.

russian river brewing co.

Russian River Brewing Co. is open in Santa Rosa on 4th St. and at their big Windsor location. Visit their website for up-to-date hours, menus, beers and more.

Herlinda brought a guitar pick from the Beatles museum in Liverpool and she has lots more stories from Liverpool in the later part of the show.

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