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All About Beer is Back Online

all about beerLongtime beer journalist John Holl is calling in to Brew Ha Ha to talk to Herlinda Heras and Harry Duke about the relaunch of All About Beer, a once-leading online magazine that covered the craft beer revolution.  The magazine launched in 1979 when Mike and Bunny Bozak had an intuitive sense that something big was about to happen in the beer world. Now, John Holl and Andy Crouch are bringing the online magazine back.

Andy Crouch was the founding columnist at Beer Advocate Magazine. The founders sold the magazine to new owners who sold it to others in 2019 who ended up in bankruptcy, after which the magazine’s assets reverted to the earlier owners, Daniel and Julie. They wanted the 40-year-old brand to continue, as the publication of record for craft brewing.

The new All About Beer is online now. John Holl describes their hopes for it to take its place again as a leading journal for the business and for beer lovers. The online archives start in 2002 and there are print archives back into the ‘80s. But there are also new articles, since beer is constantly moving and they are covering it. All About Beer “has been around.” They covered the launch of Russian River Brewing Co. in Santa Rosa. In issue n. 4 they teased a little brewery that was opening in Chico, California. Of course that means that they are older than the venerable Sierra Nevada.

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