YogaSix new sponsor of Brew Ha Ha

Beer and Yoga join forces today on Brew Ha Ha. Laura Letchinger from the new local branch of YogaSix joins Herlinda Heras and Harry Duke (sitting in for Steve Jaxon).

beer and yogaToday we welcome our new sponsor YogaSix, located at Coddingtown Center in Santa Rosa. Their six yoga classes range from introductory and restorative to more physically demanding ones.

YogaSix is partnering with some local breweries to promote relaxation and beer. However, the combination of beer and yoga is not completely new or unique. Some breweries have been offering yoga events. This local franchise of YogaSix will be doing some popup events in breweries and wineries.

There is plenty of free parking at Coddingtown Center, as well as other shops and amenities including a nearby ice cream shop. It is a brand new studio and they have installed a high-quality air filtration system. They are hosting a free hour-long class with a taste of some local brews. They also do events in wineries, such as one at Paradise Ridge, recently. She has also done events with Sandro at Old Possum.

Herlinda mentions that combining beer and yoga started in California and now it has spread to Colorado and other places. Lagunitas used to do it.

To contact the new local branch of YogaSix, call 707 527 6454, visit them online or visit them in the Coddingtown Center in Santa Rosa.

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