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American Brewing History Initiative

The American Brewing History Initiative at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is the subjcet of this week’s Brew Ha Ha podcast. Steve Jaxon talks to Herlinda Heras, on the telephone from Washington DC. She is attending the Smithsonian’s grand opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition is a celebration of the most recent generation of American brewers.  They are bestowing honors on Anchor Brewing, Sierra Nevada and New Albion. New Albion was the first brewery in America after Prohibition, located in Sonoma.

The American History Museum is hosting this exhibit. Fritz Maytag is there and so is New Albion founder Jack McAuliffe, as well as Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada. Herlinda learned that Jack McAuliffe was stationed at Alameda with the Navy before founding New Albion. There are food events, tastings and talks to celebrate the exhibit.

According to the exhibit’s website, “The American Brewing History Initiative at the National Museum of American History will document and collect the story of beer and brewing in America, with a special focus on home brewing and craft beer. Made possible by a gift from the Brewers Association, the initiative will build an archive of American brewing history for the benefit of scholars and the public.”

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