Herlinda Heras in Malta

Herlinda Heras calls in live from the island of Malta, which is in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily and east of Tunisia, where the local time is 2:30 am.

Her friends in the beer business have a home there and they are importing American and European beers. In the rest of the world, including places which have not been known for beer, beer is hot, especially American and Californian beer.

Malta has an interesting history, a small island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is “stunningly beautiful.” In Malta there are temples from 5000 BC. It is well known as a scuba diving destination.

They brew traditional lagers, the most famous of which is CISK.

Herlinda finds a lot of Californian beers at Wilibees to bring as gifts for her friends in the beer business, when she travels.

She is staying at a friend’s house where the new part is 200 years old and the other older parts are 500 years old. The walls are 2 feet thick, made of the local limestone.


Malta ls located in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily and east of Tunisia.

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