dave maclean

Dave Maclean and Admiral Malting

Dave Maclean is back on Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon and Mark Carpenter. Steve opens by mentioning that Dave has sold Magnolia Brewing, which he started in 1997. Also in is Baron Ziegler of Banshee Wines. Dave’s new company is Admiral Malting. They turn raw barley into malt that brewers need to make beer. They use an old traditional practice called floor malting, where they lay it out on the floor. They sell to a lot of local brewers. Until now there has not been access to local barley malt. Mark Carpenter notes that almost all commercial cereals have malted grain, which has more flavor, and that today they will taste some beer from Seismic that used Dave’s malt. It is called Alluvium Pilsner from Seismic Brewery. It just won a Silver Medal at the California State Fair. It will be one of […]

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new orleans brews

New Orleans brews with Mark and Herlinda

Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras will talk about some New Orleans beers that Mark brought in, which his son brought back from there. The folks from Berryessa Brewing Co. were not able to make it in to the studio today, so we will have to reschedule. Mark is drinking a beer called Jucifer from Gnarly Barley, which is good, has a lot of juicy flavor, it’s a hazy IPA. Mark likes the low bitterness with lots of hop flavor and it’s not cloying, it finishes nicely. Herlinda Heras brought a beer back from Provence, France, where she went truffle hunting. Steve asks about truffles and Herlinda explains they are pretty rare and live underground. She got to dig them up. They train dogs to snif out the truffles without eating them. The dogs can smell them from six inches underground. Mark notes that they […]

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california craft brewers

California Craft Brewers Association

Tom McCormick, Executive Director, and Leia Bailey, Managing Director of the California Craft Brewers Association are in the studio with Steve Jaxon and Herlinda Heras today. Tom says he was just visiting the construction site of the new Russian River Brewing location in Windsor, where they hope to start brewing in the new tanks in late August and to open to the public in October. Herlinda got back yesterday at midnight from France. She brought a Seismic Liquifaction Kolsch. Tom McCormick is promoting The California Craft Beer Summit which is open to the public for three days, Sept 6 and 7 is the Summit Expo and then Saturday, Sept. 8 is the Summit Beer Festival on the Capital Mall in Sacramento, California. This is the fourth year of the largest beer festival on the west coast. There are two components, the Summit Expo, a big […]

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101 north brewing

101 North Brewing Company

Our guests today are from 101 North Brewing Company, Joel, Jake and JB, one of the partners, all join Steve Jaxon and Mark Carpenter on Brew Ha Ha. Mark Carpenter begins with a taste of their Indigo Pale Ale, then they taste a Dirty Hoppy, a hazy IPA. Mark explains that when Anchor first started making Libery Ale, they had a hard time making it clear. Now, hazy beer has become a thing, breweries are actually courting this haziness. They sometimes add yeast and other grains to produce the haziness. They use pulverized oats and they use New England yeast. Mark finds that among IPAs, the southern California “San Diego” IPAs tend to be one-dimensional, “…very very hoppy and very thin in the body.” These hazy beers have a little more body to go with the hoppiness. They are looking for a balance between malty […]

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natalie cilurzo

Natalie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing

Natalie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Company and Mary Anne McBride, CEO of the Council on Aging are our guests today on Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon and Mark Carpenter. Natalie will give an update on Russian River Brewing’s Windsor construction project and she and Mary Anne McBride will describe their fire recovery relief project for the community. Mark starts with a Little White Lie beer from Russian River, a Belgian white beer, about 5% alcohol. Natalie Cilurzo begins with an update on their construction project in Windsor. They got their bottling line from Italy “…and it came with three Italians and one espresso machine to put it together.” They hope to open between September and October. There are lots of updates with artist renderings and pictures on the website with a live time lapse camera aimed at the site that takes a […]

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herlinda heras

Herlinda Heras in studio and Mark Carpenter in Hawaii

Herlinda Heras is in the studio with Steve Jaxon today. Mark Carpenter is on vacation in Hawaii and will call in. Regan Long from Local Brewing in San Francisco was expected in the studio today but she remains stuck in traffic. So with a nice bottle of Aquafina water in front of her, Herlinda Heras tells the story of Local Brewing of San Francisco while they wait to see if their guest gets through traffic in time to be on the show. Regan Long is the founder and brew master of Local Brewing, which is about to celebrate its second anniversary. She is one of two women brew masters that Herlinda knows. She used to be a marine biologist who worked on preservation of the Arctic and the Great Barrier Reef. Mark Carpenter calls in on the phone from Hawaii. He made a last-minute decision […]

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third street aleworks

Third Street Aleworks

This week Adam De La Montanya and Tyler Laverty from Third Street Aleworks are in the studio for Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras. Herlinda was in Nashville a few weeks ago for the Craft Brewers Convention and World Beer Cup. She was so excited to see Third Street Aleworks win a Gold Medal with their Annadel Pale Ale. Herlinda reports that, “…the place was going bananas for Santa Rosa for all kinds of reasons,” but especially for winning these awards. Steve asks his guests to tell the story of the brewery. Their owner Todd Hendrick wanted to have an establishment where he could bring his friends. It’s located in downtown right on Third Street. It’s a great restaurant and Steve asks them to describe the brewery. Tyler tells how they make all their beer on site, many varieties. […]

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bitter girl bitters

Bitter Girl Bitters and Petaluma Drinks!

Erin Elizabeth Hines, maker of Bitter Girl Bitters and Lorraine Barber, organizer of Petaluma Drinks, are our guests with Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras. Petaluma Drinks will take place June 2-3, 2018. Lorraine Barber gives an overview of the event. Her company Barber Cellars produces wine and they have a tasting room in Petaluma. They like all the local craft beer production that is flourishing there now and they wanted to think of a way to promote it all. There will be beer, cider, wine, port, anything that is fermented. Participants include 101 North Brewery, Henhouse Brewery and Lagunitas and also Wilibees will have some coordinated tastings too. Erin Elizabeth Hines produces Bitter Girl Bitters, which she describes: “Bitters are a concentrated flavor additive that bartenders use. They began as a medicinal product and developed into something much more fun.” She has […]

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seismic brewing

Dr Robert Eyler of Sonoma State and Anthony Lopez of Seismic Brewing

Dr. Robert Eyler of Sonoma State and Anthony Lopez of Seismic Brewing are our guests on Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon, Mark Carpenter and Herlinda Heras. Dr. Robert Eyler is Professor of Economics and, Director of the Institute for Regional Economic Analysis, Dean of the School of Extended and International Education at Sonoma State University and he also oversees the Craft Brewing Program as part of their workforce development program, which is part of their Professional and Non-Credit Program. Steve asks Prof. Eyler how the region is doing after the fires of last October. He replies that they have begun the rebuilding process, with some houses going back up. But they are not sure if all the insurance money necessary to rebuild will be available. He expects the labor market will be tightening later this year. Steve also mentions the continuing fire danger […]

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herlinda heras

Herlinda Heras at Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville

On Brew Ha Ha today, Herlinda Heras will call in from the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, to speak to Steve Jaxon and Mark Carpenter who are in the studio. Steve mentions that Mark is retired after his long illustrious career at Anchor Brewing in San Francisco and now he has four horses in Petaluma. Herlinda Heras calls in live from Nashville, where she is attending the Craft Brewers Conference. It’s her first time in Tennessee and she loves it. She says it’s so much better than Las Vegas. Steve loves Nashville Herlinda is impressed with the seemingly ubiquitous rooftop bars and the abundance of live music that she hears everywhere she goes. She is at the World Beer Cup awards. Every two years at this annual conference they do the World Beer Cup. They will announce the winners soon. Steve remembers that […]

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