don winkle

Don Winkle, craft beer attorney

Don Winkle joins Harry Duke and Herlinda Heras on Brew Ha Ha today. He is an attorney whose clients include craft breweries. The last time Don was on Brew Ha Ha was this episode of May 16, 2019. There is a new California law in effect July 1 of this year that mandates a new alcohol server test for licensed retailers. In a highly regulated industry it is important for businesses to keep track of new laws like this. The ABC has clear guidance on their website. In Don’s opinion, the ABC has done a good job with their website and the information is clear and easy to find. They have also shown a lot of flexibility during the pandemic, including relaxing some rules. There is a bill to keep cocktails to go available in the state legislature. Don describes how he matched his interest […]

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old possum

Faron’s New Orleans style BBQ and Sides at Old Possum

Faron’s New Orleans Style BBQ chef Faron Bailey and his friend and collaborator Sandro Tamburin from Old Possum Brewing are our guests on Brew Ha Ha with Harry Duke and Herlinda Heras today. The Old Possum Instagram page has the most up-to-the-minute news about menus and music at Old Possum Brewery. Faron’s New Orleans Style BBQ & Sides He describes the New Orleans style, which pertains to the sides as much as the barbeque meats. He is from New Orleans and his family comes from North Carolina. There the barbeque has vinegar flavors, while Kansas City style is a thicker tomato based sauce. In his personal style, he looks for a perfect balance between spice, sweetness and citrus acidity in his. They serve traditional New Orleans sides like collard greens, red beans and rice and potato salad. Old Possum Brewing will showcase Faron’s menu […]

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northern sonoma county fire

Wine Country to the Rescue

Brew Ha Ha with Harry Duke and Herlinda Heras welcomes Captain Joe Stewart of Northern Sonoma County Fire District, here to describe Wine Country to the Rescue. The fund raising event is at Trentadue Winery in Geyserville Saturday July 16th. It is a charity auction and dinner-dance to benefit firefighters from Geyserville, Cloverdale and Healdsburg. They protect a 300-square mile rural area, specializing in rural fire protection. They do fuel reduction work for the benefit of the community in lots of areas. It is labor intensive and requires careful use of resources. Wine Country to the Rescue contributes to this work. This year they will start a scholarship fund for young people in northern Sonoma County who are considering going into the fire service or forestry. They also sponsor Community Organized to Prepare for Emergencies, called COPE. They ensure that people know about evacuation […]

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almanac beer

Almanac Beer Co.

Almanac Beer Company’s Kevin Scoles and Natalie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing Co. join Brew Ha Ha hosts Herlinda Heras and Harry Duke. Kevin is assistant director of sales at Almanac Brewing and Russian River Brewing Co. is a Brew Ha Ha sponsor. They begin with two Russian River Brewing Co. beers. Citra Flash Mob IPA is mostly Citra hop and was just canned this week. Blind Pig IPA is a classic west coast style, a clear beer about 6.4% ABV. Blind Pig is close to Vinny Cilurzo’s original recipe started at his original brewery, Blind Pig Brewing Co. in Temecula, which he opened in 1994. Flow Pale Ale Almanac Beer Co. is introducing Flow Pale Ale, their new west coast style pale ale. Herlinda remembers tasting the third R&D batch. It’s light bodied, with a clean finish. The Flow Fest on July 9 will […]

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soundscape brewing

Soundscape Brewing Co. founder Ashley Harrell

Soundscape Brewing Co. founder Ashley Harrell joins Herlinda Heras and Harry Duke in the studio on Brew Ha Ha today. The Freshtival is this Saturday, June 25. It is a production of Hen House Brewing and an updated list of breweries is on the Hen House Freshtival web page. There are breweries from as far away as Portland and San Diego and every beer will be no more than 7 days old. Ashley got to beer from other avenues. She studied music in college and as an art song and opera singer, her dream was to sing on Broadway. She worked behind a bar while living in New York City and pursuing a career in musical theater. Having developed an interest in craft beer, she then worked a brewery and started home brewing. Now she is looking for commercial space in Benicia. As an […]

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language creates reality

Colin from HenHouse on Freshtival

Colin from HenHouse Brewing is our guest on Brew Ha Ha with Herlinda Heras and Harry Duke today. HenHouse is one of the organizers of the June 25 Freshtival, which is a HenHouse production to showcase freshness. Tickets are going fast. They will be bringing in about 160 different fresh beers from 80 or more brewers. No beer served on June 25 will be more than a week old. There will be breweries from as far away as Portland and San Diego. Herlinda asks Colin to explain what makes a beer fresh. Colin talks about how people know instinctively that fresh food is better and that food that is left out will rot, smell bad and not be appetizing. The same is true of beer. The basic principle applies to beer as to any food. Colin explains that the big factor is oxygen, which […]

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wolf house brewing

Kevin Lovett from Wolf House Brewing

Kevin Lovett from Wolf House Brewing is our in-studio guest today on Brew Ha Ha with Harry Duke and Herlinda Heras. Kevin was master brewer for Cloverdale Ale Co when he bought Wolf House in October 2019. He was going to open two places at once. He is inspired by Jack London, who was a Glen Ellen resident. Some other beers are also named after Jack London stories. The beer they are drinking is called Burning Daylight, which is the title of a Jack London short story. Dutch Courage is another one. We hear about how they managed to open the brewery and restaurant and then finally the music venue. This achievement has fulfilled his original goals. Check out the Freshtival page at the Hen House site for all the info. Lots of food, beer and music, including some gluten free choices, something for everybody. […]

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moonlight brewing co

Moonlight Brewing Co-Owners Brian Hunt and Patrick Rue

Moonlight Brewing co-owners Brian Hunt and Patrick Rue join Harry Duke and Herlinda Heras on Brew Ha Ha today. Brian is the founder of Moonlight Brewing and Patrick Rue is now a co-owner. Patrick is the former owner of “Bruery” in Orange County which he sold. After opening a Moonlight Czech Pils Reality Czech, we hear their stories. Patrick started brewing in 1992 and just kept at it. He started in a barn near the airport then to Graton 10 years later then to Coffey Lane and has been there since then. It’s walking distance for lucky residents of Santa Rosa. Lagunitas bought 50% of Moonlight, then Heineken bought Lagunitas. Now Moonlight is back local with Patrick Rue. Brian gets to tell the story of looking for just the right partner for a long time. Patrick has been a fan of Moonlight since drinking […]

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pond farm brewing

Pond Farm Brewing Co.

Pond Farm Brewing Company co-owners and co-founders Trevor and Stephanie Martens join Harry Duke and Herlinda Heras on Brew Ha Ha today. They own and operate Pond Farm Brewing in nearby San Rafael, California. The name Pond Farm Brewing has a fun history. Pond Farm was an artists’ residency and workshop that started in the 1940s, in Guerneville. It became known for pottery in the 1950s as the studio of Marguerite Wildenhain, a famous potter originally from Germany. Trevor’s father was there so he remembers how the community was focused on craft and disciplined work habits. They also have other professional careers. When they chose the name, they had not chosen the location yet. Trevor tells about the transition from aerospace engineering to brewing. He took an internship at Fogbelt, to see how the hobby could feel as a full time job. Among all […]

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Freshtival is Back!

Freshtival 2022 is the subject today with Sayre Piotrkowski from HenHouse Brewing, who joins Harry Duke and Herlinda Heras on Brew Ha Ha. Freshtival is a HenHouse event, “a celebration of the art of freshness” that reflects their mission statement. Covid stopped the Freshtival for a couple of years but it is back now for 2022. The Freshtival takes place on June 25, 2022, 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, at SOMO Village in Rhonert Park. Tickets are available on Eventbrite dot com. Ticket prices are lower for advance purchase. HenHouse Brewing makes extra efforts to enforce their standards of “second half beer quality.” That means their beer is never warm stored, all of their trucks are refrigerated and the beer goes directly into cold storage at delivery. This is an important distinction for HenHouse in the craft beer competitive environment. “The rigors of time, […]

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